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This paper provides an analysis of an survey that is explorative a content analysis of just one major online forum for bisexuals and bisexuality. Recalling Eadie’s conceptualisation of a bisexual safe room as free of oppressive regimes and social teams, spaces to fairly share experiences and environment agendas, and spaces free of worries and anxiety brought on by people in the oppressive teams, we just can comprehend the analysed forum as partially succeeding in making a bisexual safe area. The forum that is analysed aims become a safe area for bisexuals as well as for talking about bisexuality. This becomes clear whenever reading the development of the forum (‘this is an area to discuss bisexuality’) together with forum guidelines. As an example, the forum guidelines clearly make an effort to produce an environment that is safe individuals, as disrespectful responses linked to gender, intimate orientation, competition, or whatsoever (in other words. Continue reading →